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BATCH : 30th August 2018

future ias
Why Mock test /Test series for UPSC Prelims

Candidates preparing for UPSC Civil Services exam spend their quality time only on reading and reading subject topic extensively. But only a handful of aspirants spend some of their quality time for writing practice, solving previous year Question papers and taking some mock tests to assess their preparation and rectify their mistakes.

  • overcome fear of exams

Mock tests, that helps you to get accustomed to the exam like condition, identify your mistakes and scope of improvement from teacher’s feedback make you prepared for the UPSC exams.

  • check and boost your exam preparedness

Mock tests help you analyse your mistakes when you still have time to correct those mistakes. This also helps you to re-revise the topic and understand how to tackle those mistakes.

  • To learn important concepts faster

There are a lot of highly helpful concepts which you can quickly learn from quality mock questions

  • understand the pattern of questions
  • Make you ready to tackle the uncertainty

careful analysis of the question paper, you’d realise one can easily find many questions that could have been tackled with the existing level of knowledge.

The test series comprises of quality questions framed according to the standards of UPSC examination by experienced faculty. Test series is designed in a way to give you a hand on experience of the UPSC prelims examination.

  • High-quality questions similar to UPSC standards which help you learn faster.
  • to learn and compete with thousands of aspirants
  • Full-length prelims mock exams with timer and negative marking.
  • Detailed answer key and performance analysis as soon as the exam is over.

Prims test series

future ias

“Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” – Vince Lombardi.

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