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BATCH : 30th August 2018

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Why Mains Mock Test

UPSC is one shell which is very hard to crack and aspirants do everything it takes to prepare for the exam with best possible efforts.UPSC has indeed asked excellent questions which demand firm understanding of concepts. to prepare well for the mains, one has to do a lot of practice for writing answers and join a good test plan to judge themselves.

  • To fetch good marks, besides mere information, need to have good presentation. Need to know the keywords of a topic and also how to substantiate your answers.
  • Exploring different dimensions of an answer is important. i.e. need to practice writing a holistic answer because in economy and security, there is huge possibility to explore different dimensions as there are many stakeholders.
  • For better integration of standard issues of GS 3 with current developments, writing practice is very much needed.
  • Its only with writing practice that one can see how well could one use the information of economic survey and macro-economic data available to improve the quality of answers.
  • The most common challenges faced by the UPSC aspirants in the UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam are the preparation method, pace, answer writing, and stress.

Mains Test Series

This is a comprehensive and intensive class room program focusing on sincere IAS Aspirants who will appear in Civil Service Mains Exam. Our experts provide step by step guidance to aspirants for understanding the concepts of the subject and prepare them for effective answer writing.

Approach & Strategy:

  • Our simple, practical and focused approach will help aspirants understand the demand of UPSC exam effectively. Our strategy is to constantly innovate to keep the preparation process dynamic and give personalized attention to individual aspirants based on factors like core competence, availability of time and resource and the requirement of Civil Service Exam.
  • Answer hints: Formulated in three sections; Key Concepts, Model Answers and Supplementary reading material.
  • Mock tests are designed to understand what is missing in your preparation, and to realise the changes you need to make in the way you handle yourself during the real UPSC exam to get an optimum score. Mock Tests go a long way in helping you acquire the skill of mark fetching.

Mains Test Series has become an indispensable feature of exam as it develops right approach to succeed in this Exam. It is rightly acknowledged that a good writing skill is not an innate quality rather it can be developed through continuous practice.

future ias

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