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BATCH : 30th August 2018

future ias
March 20, 2018

Study plan for UPSC Prelims 2018 to prepare in 2 Months?

It will not be tough to crack but if you are ready to dedicate yourself completely. We have got a plan for you .But first let’s see what the typical resources are for current affairs:

The Hindu, PIB , PRS , MPR , Yojana & Kurushetra , Government Websites , Monthly Magazines of Reputed Institutes etc. And the list continues .

Is it even humanly possible to complete and remember them? The answer is yes. But only for them who are preparing sincerely for 1 year or more. However, for a beginner it’s just a suicidal attempt to even to think to complete them in 2–3 months .For example a veteran takes only 30 min to classify important articles from The Hindu and focuses on the important points only . A newbie whereas won’t even know which articles to leave AND which one to study. So it may take around 3–4 hours for him to go through the paper and make some notes etc,. Forget about going through other resources. So how to complete the backlogs when you are finding it tough to go through a single day newspaper.

The key lies in focussing only on those materials which you can ‘Complete and Revise ‘ . So if you are a newbie for prelims 2018 you should stop reading ‘The Hindu ‘. Yes you heard it right. Stop reading The Hindu.

Now, follow the steps:

  • 1 .We assume you must have gone through previous year questions (PYQ). If not take 5 days and finish at least last 10-15 years questions .This will give you an idea from where and what kind of questions are asked.
  • 2. Now, take any standard current affairs magazine .You need to stick to only 1 of them.
  • 3. Now, do selective reading. Don't worry we will tell you how.

Every article will have a heading. Read it carefully .Relate it with the PYQ you have read. If it matches with them; think what questions UPSC can frame.


If it is related with some scheme you need to focus on the ministry, aims, objectives ,beneficiaries, some important facts related with it.

If it is related with some new species focus on location, name, characteristic feature.

Focus on strategic importance between India and other countries ex. Slinex , Varun , Garuda ,etc. Likewise, questions can be framed from any portal Gov. has launched , any peculiar development related to science and technology, etc.

  • 4 .Finish, 1 month magazine in 5 days and give 1 day for revision .Start from the month of June at least.
  • 5. It will take you 3-4 hours max per day for this. So by April end you will have a complete idea of the current affairs.
  • 6. Revision is very important, revise it as many times as you can but at least 3 times is compulsory before prelims.
  • 7 .Join a test series and practice as many MCQs you can. Remember, the more questions you solve, the better.

Pros :……….You will complete the current affairs and revise them thoroughly. Extra things can be supplemented from the test series .Remember it’s a continuous learning approach …….60–75% of the Current affairs will be covered , enough to let you sail through prelims.

Cons: You will not know the depth of many things (for prelims not required even ).

Hope this strategy works for you and keep revising your NCERTs.

All the best!