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BATCH : 30th August 2018

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March 20, 2018

As Mains approaches – Strategy and a few words

Answer writing Technique

One thing to keep in mind is that the examiner would want to see your understanding regarding any topic while reading your answer. It is really important to write to the point and in a sensible way. Most importantly write your answer in a structured way.

You must make your answers beautiful and interesting. You can actually make him enjoy reading your answers. This way, you will definitely score higher marks.

1.) Holistic view:-

Answers should be well-rounded. It should encompass all major ouch points related to the question.

2.) Short & Simple:

Avoid exceeding the word limit.

We need not fill in words merely to reach the word count. Remember the word count is only a guide; quality beats quantity in case of answers. Also, avoid long-winded sentences. Write in a crisp, clear and simple language. Try to make your answer point wise.

The bottom line is we have to write the answer in a way so as to put our point with maintaining a balance. The trick is to write in a simple language to the point. It is not possible to change one’s writing style so quickly. Instead one should try to make his/ her style of writing fetch better marks in the answer writing in mains.

Believe in your own style and remain confident.

3.) Presentation:

It is the important part to score high marks in mains. Divine your answers into headings and subheadings. Don’t write at a stretch. They make the examiner’s job tedious. Use bullet points wherever possible.

4.) Key words:

We have to learn to take keywords from the question and use them in your answers. Underline important points as well

5) Facts & Figures:

We, always have to substantiate our answers with relevant facts and figures. This shows our grip on the subject. It also helps us justify the points written in our answers.

6.) Catchy Introduction:

Write catchy introductions and conclusions. This provides the examiner a break from the regular answers and motivates him to dole out a few extra marks.

7) Diagrams/charts/Flowcharts:

Draw diagrams and charts wherever possible and required.

8.) Relate to current affairs:

This is a sure-shot way to impress the UPSC. In Mains 2018 we have seen that how current affairs have become a major part of the UPSC question paper pattern. So, let’s relate our answers to the latest news and events. Give balanced insight on them.

9.) Keep it Interesting:

Learn to write interesting!
This comes with reading a lot of material in the first place. We should be able to generate ideas and present information in an unconventional manner.

10.) Neat & legible:

Always, it helps if we have a good handwriting. Even if we don’t, try to develop a neat and presentable one.
Avoid scratches and ink blotches.

11.) Keyword directives:

Two more important factors decide the good outcome of our answer:

  • One, understanding the question completely.
  • Second, sticking to the word limit.

To understand a question fully, one must know that a question has keywords. Every question has a ‘topic’ and a ‘directive’.

We know that UPSC often gives many other directives in its questions and each demand a precise answer. Frequently used directives are,

‘Examine’, ‘Comment’, ‘Analyze’, ‘ ‘Evaluate’, ‘Discuss’, ‘Critically Examine’, Critically Comment’, ‘Critically Analyze’ and ‘Assess’.

The introduction and all the paragraphs should lead to a logical conclusion. Make sure to always end your answers on a positive note

And also there is wrong perception that our conclusion should ‘suggest’ something.

Remember, the conclusion to our answer must stem from the body of our answer. It cannot be a separate part in the answer.

Simplicity wins the hearts. Be precise and effective. Hope It Helps!!