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BATCH : 30th August 2018


Now that you have read and understood the entire pattern of UPSC preliminary examination, the next important step that comes is the mains. Unlike the Prelims, the Mains paper demands much more serious work and proper strategy to enter the interview phase. A sheer bit of luck might play a part in the Preliminary stage but Mains is solely about your hard-work and practice. Few important points that can help you write your Mains paper easily:

  • Do your preparation for prelims and mains together. Never do the mistake of thinking that you can prepare Mains paper after Prelims that never works.
  • You should have a proper strategy for how you are going to manage all the 9 descriptive papers. You have to analyze your strengths and weaknesses and work accordingly in order to score maximum marks possible. Remember, mains are all about creating your own luck.
  • Know your syllabus thoroughly. It will help you to do your current affairs easily. If you know your syllabus from top to bottom you will easily understand which news is related to which paper.
  • Knowing your current issues is really very important. Although the Mains syllabus is properly defined, yet current affairs will help you to write your essay paper easily and also link your answers to the current happenings.
  • Do a lot of answer writing practice. You must know that there is a great difference between just knowing an answer and writing one. This would also help you with time management and polish your writing skills.
  • Take up test series. The more tests you give the better it is for you.
  • Keep revising. It should be a regular part of your schedule. It is impossible to remember such a vast syllabus of UPSC. You need to go through them daily.
  • Choose your Optional Paper wisely as it would help you to increase your overall marks. Make sure you have a good hold on your Optional paper.
  • Never ignore you compulsory paper. Practice them as well.

Keep Calm. Relax...Work hard along with smart strategy and you will make it to the interview.

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