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BATCH : 30th August 2018

future ias
Essay Paper

The candidates are advised to prepare for this paper keeping some major themes in mind. Besides their preparation for the contents, aspirants are also advised to polish their basic skills for essay-writing. The idea behind the essay paper is to test the candidate’s grasp of his subject, its relevance to the current issues, and to his ability to think constructively and to present his ideas concisely, logically and effectively.

The vastness and the nature of the GS syllabus indeed pose an up-hill challenge before aspirants. The two main challenges we have already discussed here are viz; collection of study material from a diverse range of sources and secondly, to use these materials to suit the interdisciplinary needs of the syllabus. This requires maturity of mind and proper guidance. The trick is to read about all the current happenings and important topics and then relate them in a point wise format to frame the structure of any essay topic before writing it.

Each year a pattern of topics is followed such as Democracy, Administration, Society, Culture

Tips for Essay Writing

  • 1) Prepare for different topics through various sources
  • 2) Make a compilation of quotes that can be used in a relevant manner
  • 3) Try to begin your essay with a relevant quote
  • 4) Select a topic that is your strength
  • 5) Maintain flow of ideas and a balanced view
  • 6) Include headings and a clear structure
  • 7) Provide as many perspectives as possible with a bit of analysis.
  • 8) Include government schemes, policies, missions, initiatives
  • 9) Use examples liberally
future ias

So the key is Prepare and Practice!

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