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BATCH : 30th August 2018

future ias
The Academy

The trick to score high marks in UPSC more than anything else it is the guidance that matters i.e. you must have someone to tell you what is the best way to study, what to study and more importantly what not to study, common mistakes people do and how you can avoid them etc. Basically, what you need is a mentor and not a teacher.

So, in Future IAS we provide a class where student strength is like a classroom and not like a seminar and teachers are easily approachable and accessible.

Learning only occurs if the student plays an active role in the process. For learning to take place it must be meaningful to each individual, with students critically reflecting on information presented; they have to be able to 'experience' the information and the way to facilitate this is to draw on past experiences.

"I've learned that I still have a lot to learn..."

future ias

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